Travelling in the United States? Get a Lyft via Grab app

From today, Grab users who travel to the United States will have the ability to reserve a ride from United States ride-hailing service Lyft in 200 cities throughout the country, right from their Grab app.

They will be able to book rides on Lyft and the six-seater Lyft plus services once they arrive in cities such as Seattle, where the Singapore-based Grab opened an engineering center in January this year. " What is necessary to us is that individuals use the experience they're familiar with and that they trust when they travel," stated Grab product head Joel Yarborough.

Lyft's head of international product Kristina Gibson stated: "Our goal is to offer travelers with a smooth experience."

However, Grab users will not be able to pay by money when utilizing Lyft and can use only credit or debit cards linked to their accounts or by mobile wallet app Alipay.

"They will be prompted to include a cashless option," said Mr. Yarborough.

On the flip side, Lyft users are currently unable to book trips from Grabcar and Grabtaxi when in Southeast Asia and a Grab spokesperson would only say that this service would be readily available in the "coming weeks".

The two services, together with China's Didi and India's Ola, revealed an international ridesharing collaboration last December, with the eventual objective of tapping each other's services through their own apps.

In April, Didi revealed that its users would be able to book Lyft trips in the US through the Didi app, the first combination of services under the collaboration.

Through the combination of services with the San Francisco-based Lyft, Grab hopes to benefit from the enhancing variety of visitors from the US to the region, who invested more than $231.6 billion in the Asia-Pacific last year. "This is a big possible chance for both Grab and Lyft to tap into," stated Grab's vice-president of engineering Arul Kumaravel.